Top Casino Table Game Etiquette

The first experience at a casino is something everyone would remember for the foolish decisions and excitement. All of this is a part of the sessions you pay for in a casino, but it is important that you don’t make mistakes that are too visible to the eyes around you. Losing money on the table isn’t disgraceful compared to the bad impression you create with your tantrums. Getting drunk and taking the game in the wrong direction with your unruly attitude will ruin the experience for other players and the dealers. Beginners are more likely to do so, but even the experts fail to meet these standards when playing the games. Since you have money involved in the game, try to learn the basic rules to avoid all forms of loss. Here are some of the main points to bear in mind on how to behave while playing a casino table game.

General Rules

·         Be Polite

You should always greet the other players and the dealer when you join a table. Never be rude to them while you are playing. Keep calm and be polite to everyone around you.

·         Do Not Pay the Dealer for Coins

Casinos have been designed in a certain way that the coins are to be bought from the counters and not the dealers. So, get the chips before taking the seat.

·         Drinks are Served

This means you need not leave your seat each time you want a drink. The cocktail waitresses are attending every table to take orders. They will fetch the drink of your choice and serve it on the table.

Game Etiquette

·         Keep Your Phone Away

Security issues are prevalent in casinos; so, it is best not to use your phone when playing in casinos. By doing so, you are also avoiding the nuisance of creating noise while everyone else is playing. Phones are also used to cheat by many players. You are likely to be closely watched if you keep using the phone.

·         Place Bets Faster

If you have practiced on online casinos, you might be used to taking all the time in the world to place bets. Make sure not to do that when you are on a real casino table.

·         Arrange the Coins

Stack the coins properly to push them over for a bet at the right time, and avoid touching the stack always.

How to Behave on Specific Casino Table Games

1.      Roulette

  • Ask for the chips as soon as you join the table since the ones used for roulette are unique.
  • Put down the bet in a neat pile, and cash them out if you win and have decided to exit.

2.      Poker

  • Focus on your game, and do not give unnecessary advice.
  • Refrain from discussions about your hand while playing the game.
  • Avoid slow rolls.

3.      Blackjack

  • Ask for permission before joining the table.
  • Understand the lingo of the game.
  • Stop touching the cards on the table.

4.      Craps

  • Plan your purchase properly.
  • Place the bet when the dice is still rolling.
  • Keep your hands away from the box.

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